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Oilfield Construction Services Alberta

Oilfield Construction Services AlbertaOilfield Construction Services Alberta

Oilfield construction is a massive project that requires extensive coordination and project management.
There are a number of important tasks that must be completed as part of oilfield construction services in Alberta. To ensure these tasks are carried out properly, you need to enlist the services of a qualified professional team, like Remuda Energy Solutions.
At Remuda Group, we have experience performing all of the complex functions that make up oilfield construction, including excavation, installation, welding, pipefitting, and more.
All of our services are of the highest quality and performed only by those with a great deal of training and expertise.
Excavation Services
Excavation is one of the most important and difficult parts of an oilfield installation.
Required in multiple areas, excavation is best carried out with the assistance of a qualified professional excavation company who specializes in oilfield construction services in Alberta.
Adequate excavation needs to be done in order to accommodate pipeline equipment, and has to be done with care to maintain the integrity of the surrounding ground.
Pipeline and Facility Installation
Pipelines and facilities consist of many different pieces of equipment. Each of these must be installed and tested to ensure they function properly for a long period of time.
Pipelines are dangerous by their very nature. With that said, our professionals are adequately trained to handle oilfield and pipeline systems to mitigate the risks associated with pipelines.
Our team utilizes innovative technology, which is faster, safer, and provides accurate results. For example, one of our main cutting methods is a high speed jet stream of water, which combines with sand to make precise cuts, while eliminating some of the dangers of traditional methods.
Turnkey Options
When you are planning oilfield construction services in Alberta, you can rely on our experts to complete all of the necessary tasks.
Establishing a new oilfield, pipeline, and facilities requires the capability of a knowledgeable team. You may opt to turn the entire installation, or parts of it, over to an oilfield construction specialist.

When you turn over an installation or other project to Remuda Group you’ll be assured a high quality result. We take over every aspect of the operation from planning, to execution and make sure that all tasks are properly completed on time and within budget.
We’ll also help you obtain the necessary permission from the National Energy Board (NEB) for abandonments and decommissions.
Remuda Group is a leading gas and oil company in Canada. We provide a full range of services including turnkey installations, maintenance, and repairs.
Our trained team is skilled at all areas of oilfield and pipeline services, and we offer a wide variety of options which can be tailored to your specific requirements.
Contact our professional team at Remuda Group today to learn more about our services and how we can help with all of your pipeline and oilfield facility needs.
  Oilfield Construction Services Alberta