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Wellhead Abandonment Services Alberta

Wellhead Abandonment Services AlbertaWellhead Abandonment Services

From time to time, and for many different reasons, wellheads need to be abandoned. When abandonment is necessary it is essential to correctly cap the well in order to ensure both public safety and the protection of the environment.
Cutting and capping must be completed in a correct manner, by a company — like Remuda Energy Solutions — that specializes in professional wellhead abandonment services, who can ensure that the job is completed properly.
Abandoning a wellhead or pipeline is a regular part of business. However, if the wellhead is not capped the right way it will lead to problems down the road and could even be dangerous. This is why it is vital to utilize a company that has the expertise and experience necessary to do the job.
Innovative Technology
Cutting and capping isn’t a new phenomenon, and has been carried out by professionals for years across the globe. With that said, the process can be somewhat hazardous.
Luckily, with the latest technology utilized by Remuda Energy Solutions it is now safer and easier than ever to properly cut and cap a pipeline or wellhead.
One of the main components of the cutting and capping process we use today is water jet technology, which uses a combination of sand and water to precisely cut a pipeline.
This is considered revolutionary technology and makes for the most precise and high quality results possible.
Furthermore, the use of this new technology reduces the need for excavation during decommissioning and abandonment and can cut down on the time and manpower needed for wellhead abandonment services.
Wellhead Abandonment
Pipeline or wellhead abandonment requires the capping of the pipe itself. The cap must meet the needs of the particular well.
The professionals at Remuda Energy Solutions will evaluate the pipeline and wellhead in order to determine the best method for abandonment.
Capping needs to be done in accordance with legislation and must be carried out in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. Proper equipment is essential in abandoning a wellhead or pipeline. Once cutting and capping is complete, it should be inspected to ensure that it was done properly.
Steps for Well Abandonment
There are several steps that are required for abandonment of wellheads. Casing and other equipment that has been used in the hole should be removed, and may be salvaged for reuse at another location.
Additionally, plugs or caps must be utilized to prevent any residual fluids from escaping. Once completed and deemed safe, the land can then be repurposed.
As a highly skilled wellhead abandonment services company, we take care of each step along the way. Some of these steps can be dangerous, such as the removal of the casing, however through the use of special equipment, our trained professionals can successfully abandon a well with minimal risk of harm.
When a well has gone dry or has otherwise reached the end of its use, it needs to be abandoned. This requires the services of a qualified specialist. When you need expert abandonment services, count on the team at Remuda Energy Solutions.
We offer the latest technology coupled with the highest degree of experience and knowledge in wellhead abandonment.
At Remuda, we take care to ensure that the job is done right while ensuring safety for the citizens in the surrounding area and for the environment.
You can be sure that your wellhead will be abandoned carefully and according to your needs and timeframe. Contact us today to learn more about our available services.
  Wellhead Abandonment Services Alberta